The more consumers know about carpet fiber options, the better they will be able to make decisions about a carpet’s suitability. Nylon is known for its strength and high durability. These characteristics, combined with soft texture, high color retention, stain-resistance, and easy maintenance, make nylon the most widely used carpet fiber. Acrylics, featured on many Berber-textured styles, has the look and luxurious feel of wool, along with good wearability and natural stain-resistance. A combination of nylon and acrylic gives consumers the best features of both – strength, softness, beauty and excellent stain-resistance. Last, but by no means least, there is wool. This natural fiber exudes a luxurious feel and is naturally stain-resistant. It is also the most expensive carpet fiber. At LIBERTY CARPET, we can help you choose the right carpet for your needs, whether you want to use the same one in every room or mix-and-match to suit different personalities. Our friendly expert sales staff will be happy to work with you until you’ve found the perfect selection for your room (or rooms) and your budget. In addition to carpet, we also offer a wide selection of hardwoods, vinyl and area rugs. You’re certain to find something that you love. Call 570-879-4567 or visit us at 628 Main Street, Hallstead. In the same location for more than 27 years.

HINT: Carpets made of polyester are reasonably durable, but may be susceptible to oil-based stains, while polypropylene carpets are moisture-resistant (good for bathrooms.)