The key to making exceedingly soft nylon carpet is using fine yarn, which can be gauged using a unit of measurement of fineness known as “denier.” The smaller the number, the finer the yarn. When a carpet manufacturer tells you that its carpets feature yarn with a “denier per fiber” (dpf) count of 4, you can rest assured that it will have a luxurious feel. On top of that, the nylon yarn is “solution dyed,” which means that the color is added during the manufacturing process. As a result, the color permeates the entire fiber, making it exceedingly colorfast and highly resistant to fading. Furthermore, “wrinkle guard” backing construction assures softness underfoot with less stretching and no wrinkling. There is so much to consider when you’re choosing a carpet from color and material to packing and padding. You want to choose a store that has a wide selection and knowledgeable staff. At LIBERTY CARPET, we have a wide selection of options, including nylon, as well as a friendly staff who can answer all your questions and help you choose the right carpet for your style and your budget.

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HINT: Carpeting with solution-dyed nylon fiber resists stains because there are no open dye sites in which the stain can imbed itself.