Now that you have chosen a wood-flooring product for your new or renovated living space(s), it is time to give some thought to how you will lay it down. If the goal is to make a room look larger, orient the flooring parallel to the longest wall. Conversely, running the board parallel with the shortest wall emphasizes the width of a narrow room, or it can make a very large room seem more intimate. Laying flooring on the diagonal can visually expand a small or narrow room without requiring any more flooring material. The herringbone pattern works best in rooms without competing architectural focal points. This layout requires great precision to install.

At LIBERTY CARPET, our friendly staff members will be happy to help you choose the right orientation for your new fl or. We can also help you choose the best hardwood option for your budget. In addition to hardwood, we also offer a wide selection of laminate options, carpets, area rugs and vinyl, including Tarkett brand sheet vinyl. Drop in to our showroom at 628 Main Street, Hallstead. Or you can call 570-879-4567 to learn more. We’re open Mon.-Fri. 9-5:30, Sat., 9-4, or by appointment.

HINT: Wood floors with borders of inlaid wood in contracting colors exude sophistication.