There are a number of very good reasons why carpet is such a popular residential flooring option. To begin with, there are thousands of styles, colors and textures that enable homeowners to choose the one that best reflects their personal style. Carpeting can provide a neutral foundation or be chosen to stand out as a focal point that exudes vibrant colors and bold pat-terns and textures. In addition, carpet is soft underfoot providing unsurpassed com-fort. This versatile flooring material also offers thermal resistance, which provides a buffer against cold. Carpet also insulates against noise, as it absorbs the sound of footsteps, audio from television and other ambient noise. Moreover, carpeting is afford-able and relatively easy and quick to install.

If you’re considering carpet for any of these excellent reasons, you will want to visit LIBERTY CARPET. Our ex-pert staff members can guide you through the process of choosing the best carpet for your style, your space and your budget. We offer a wide selection of national brands, including Beaulieu’s Bliss Healthy Touch, an antimicrobial carpet designed to keep your family healthy. Drop by our showroom at 628 Main Street, Hallstead, to see our selection or talk to one of our experts. Or you can call 570-879-4567 to learn more. We’re open Mon.-Fri. 9-5:30, Sat., 9-4, or by appointment.

HINT: Carpet cushions the falls of people and objects, making homes safer and more forgiving.